Aquaforte Econobead

Aquaforte Econobead

Bead filters are closed (pressure) vessels filled with thousands of plastic beads. These beads are very close together and form a layer through which the water is forced by a pump. As a result, the dirt particles stick in the beads. If the filters are used for some time, the biofilm (the sticky layer) around the beads becomes thicker, so that finer and finer dirt is caught.


Both mechanical filtration and biological filtration take place in a bead filter. This is because useful bacteria stick to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. A bead filter can easily be operated manually using the six-way valve. This six-way valve can be used to set various functions, such as cleaning the filter. AquaForte has several bead filters in its range, such as the UltraBead and the EconoBead.


he EconoBead Beadfilter is now available in 5 sizes for ponds 2000, 4000, 6000, 12000 and 20000 Gallons. Comes with a big clear lid for easy access.


  • All EconoBead Beadfilter models are standard equipped with a 2” multi-port valve, a transparent access cap and a powerful blower.
  • EconoBead Beadfilters are constructed from high quality fibreglass conforming drink water standards so they are completely save for your fish.
  • The EconoBead Beadfilter comes with a warranty period of 5 years on the pipe and fitting system and a warranty period of 10 years on the fibreglass vessel and beads.