Aquaforte Plug & Play Complete EconoBead Bead Filter

Aquaforte Plug & Play Complete EconoBead Bead Filter

Unique on the European pond market: a complete ‘plug & play’ filter system mounted complete on a plastic pallet measuring 1 by 1.20 metres. The filter system consists of:

  • EconoBead bead filter with bypass
  • MidiSieve (standard or raised)
  • 40 or 75-watt Power UV T5
  • AquaForte DM-13000, DM-15000 pump or Blue Eco 320

These products are fitted complete on a plastic pallet. So including fittings, pipes and check valve.


Available in 3 different sizes/specifications


EB 50 Complete Kit consists of:

  • EconoBead EB50Beadfilter with by-pass,

  • MidiSieve standard height

  • 40 watt UV T5,

  • Forza 15000 Water Pump

  • Suitable for Pond of 4400 gallon

EB 60 Complete Kit consists of:

  •  EconoBead EB60 Beadfilter with by-pass,
  •  MidiSieve extra high type
  • 75 watt UV T5,
  • EcoMax P15000 Water Pump
  • Suitable for pond of 7900 gallon

EB 60 Blue Eco Complete Kit 


As the standard EB 60 Complete kit but wit hthe new Eco Blue 320 variable speed Eco Pump.  


The set consists of:
EconoBead EB60 Beadfilter with by-pass,
MidiSieve extra high type
75 watt UV T5,
Blue Eco 320 Water Pump


The Blue ECO Titanium pumps are the most ECO friendly electric pumps available. They utilise brushless DC electric motor technology, and have an efficiency rating of 94.6% - this compares with normal electric motors with have an efficiency of 45 - 50%.  The power and therefore energy consumption is fully adjustable from 10 - 100% of full power, so when reducing the R.P.M the energy consumption reduces accordingly. The pumps produce very little heat  as 94% of the energy used goes to turn the impellor, which makes them ideal for dry applications.


Suitable for pond of 7900 gallon