Econobead Bypass Kit

Econobead Bypass Kit

You can now use low wattage pumps with the EconoBead Filter, EconoBead have introduced a bypass for Europe’s best selling beadfilter !

Installing the EconoBead Low Pressure Bypass Kit allows the use of more economical pumps. Due to a very compact bypass-system, the multi-way valve is completely unused during filtering as the water flows directly into the filter and also leaves the filter in a direct line. This action results in at least 30% less pressure loss (depending on the type of pump).

The bypass system is very easy to install on all EconoBead models, using the unions supplied. Connection: 63mm.

  • Bypasses the six-way valve during filtration
  • Less pressure loss as the water enters and leaves the filter directly in a straight line
  • Makes the use of energy-efficient pumps possible
  • Easy to fit on all EconoBead filters


Available to fit all Econobead Filters