Spindrifter Drain Lid

Spindrifter Drain Lid

These Spindrifter Replacement Air Domes replace the standard dome on your 4" bottom drain. The unit has a wide diameter rubber insert with thousands of tiny holes to allow the air flow to come out.

The air line supply can either be inserted inside the length of the bottom drain pipe - coming out at a convenient place near to where your Air pump will be situated, or it can, be simply run across the base of the pond to your Air pump.

You will need to order the correct Air dome for your bottom drain and Air inlet hosetail as required.
43mm stem fits 1.5" waste - 48.3mm stem fits 1.5" pressure

Ideal for all types of bottom drains.

EDPM rubber membrane which can be replaced.

Suitable for up to 80 ltrs of air at 6ft depth.