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Aquaforte Smartsieve

300 Micron Stainless Steel Sieve

AquaForte introduces the SmartSieve. A breakthrough in production technology and price level! The new gravity fed sieve filter is produced with help of a special rotation technique, so that the body is just one piece. This gives the filter a good consistency and great optics. In this kind of production there is less manual work used, so the production costs could be kept on a lower level than the traditional sieve filters. That’s why the Smart Sieve can be offered for a very attractive price.


The SmartSieve comes with a 300 micron Stainless Steel sieve element and a heavy duty cover. The new sieve filter provides a pump capacity of 25 m³ per hour.


Inlet: 2 x 110mm. Waste outlet: 63mm. Pump outlet 90/63mm (provided with 63mm suction pipe).


Heavy duty cover included! Colour: granite blue.

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