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Plumbing and Fittings

Here at Angel Koi & Aquatics we carry an extensive range of pipe and pipe fittings for all size projects. This includes heavy duty 4" pipes and 4" ball and gate valves as well as a complete range of more modest sizes.  The selection below is simply demonstrative of the range we carry and feel free to call in or contact us for anything specific.

Bottom Drains
Spindrifter Airdome Range

Spindrifter Aerated Bottom Drains are a extremely high quality fabricated bottom drain unit


The Spindrifter Aerated Bottom Drains membrane and backing plate fit into a recess in the specially manufactured dome (provided). This recess in the dome prevents the membrane from becoming detached. This complete assembly is secured to the bottom drain by means of a stem, which also provides the air inlet.Seperate airline feed to Spindrifter aerator to ensure no obstructions in the main drain line.

Pipe & Fittings

Here at Angel Koi and Aquatics we  know that all hobbyists understand the necessity to get the fundamentals right when planning their koi pond project.  These include good basic design and the use of the best materials available within their budget.


The choice of which type of pipework to use has always been a dilemma. As you all know, the use of anything other than pressure pipe and fittings for both gravity and pressure lines and the added security and peace of mind that they bring, is only a cost saving exercise.  Unfortunately, the use of pressure pipe and fittings in the past has simply been too expensive for the majority of koi keepers, despite it being the preferred choice. Although prices are now competitive we also offer Black Corrugated Flexible Pond Hose is a useful 'Ribbed Flexible Hose' is suitable for many applications, it is available in a the 30 meter rolls or by the meter. It is extremely strong and yet retains it's flexibility with having a ribbed interior which does cause some drag on the flow of water

Alternatively we offer Heavy Duty Flexible Hose is the very best pond hose that you can buy it is extremely strong and yet retains it's flexibility, with smooth interior which eliminates the drag on the flow of water through it.

We retail a complete pressure range, at prices that we can all afford and pressure fitting a, pipe and valves can be mail ordered.  Please ring for price.

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