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Topical Treatments

A topical medication is any medication that is applied to a particular place on the body of the koi directly, as opposed to a chemical treatment added to the pond to treat the Koi externally and systemically.

All chemical treatments need to be handled with caution.  Please ensure that you read, understand and follow the instructions included with each product.


Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner is used as a topical antiseptic used on open wounds, prior to further wound medication. Cleans and disinfects damaged fins, skin, ulcers, sores, Fish Tail/Mouth and Fin Rot.

Can be used on stainless steel surgical instruments as a steriliser before use.


Size: 100ml bottle


Kusuri Anti Bac is a topical medication manufactured from the highest quality Iodine Tincture. This effective alcohol based product is used for the treatment of Raised Scales, Lesions and Ulcers. Anti Bac is absorbed into the surface layers of tissue, killing pathogenic bacteria, speeding up the healing process where other water based products will wash off.


Size: 100ml bottle





Topcoat Sealer

Kusuri Top Coat Sealer is a liquid sealer with anti-bacterial properties.

It can be used independently or as an additional covering over the top of Kusuri Orahesive Protective Powder.


Size: 50ml bottle





Orahesive Powder

Kusuri Orahesive Sealer Powder is a superior covering, which adheres to mucous membranes and open wounds. It is perfect for use on ulcers and minor wounds.

The powder adheres to mucous membranes, open wounds, etc.

Kusuri Orahesive Sealer Powder creates a thin coat that stays in place for about 24 hours.


Size: 25g





Kusuri Masuizai – Koi Sedate is used for the sedation of fish, reducing fish stress levels and calming fish so minor surgical procedures or mucus scrapes can be taken to identify parasites

Available in Sizes: 150, 250 and 500ml

8 piece Topical Treatment Kit 

A complete easy to use kit,  for the beginner or experienced fish keeper. For treating Ulcers, wounds and Fin Rot.


This boxed kit is supplied with the following:


All kit components are replaceable, so you need never run short of any particular item.

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