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Ultraviolet Clarifiers

At the heart of UV Calirifier unit is an ultraviolet lamp housed within a quartz sleeve.  As water is constantly pumped from the pond through the unit, the UV emitted from the lamp destroys the single-celled algae which causes the pond water to turn green.  With constant use the pond water will remain crystal clear


At Angel Koi we can source almost any variation of UV and the items below are simply illustrative of the range we carry.  Dont see what you need, please contact us

Amalgam Submersible UVC

The Air Aqua Amalgam Submersible UV 40 watt radiation neutralises bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms, stopping them form multiplying.


The unit has a built in high frequency electronic ballast which absorbs current fluctuations and protects the lamp inside the unit

Available in 40 and 80W units

Pond Clear Advantage

Surface, filter or wall mountable and supplied with a wall mounting kit and a filter lid fixing kit.  


Ergonomic Units come with Four-stage hosetails designed to take flexible hose from 1/2" to 11/4". Hosetails are held in place with screw on collars, allowing the disconnection of the hose, leaving the unit or the hose in situ for ease of servicing and maintenance.


Rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 40mm solvent weld rigid pipe, are included with the unit. These adaptors are held in place with screw on collars, allowing the disconnection of the rigid pipe, leaving the unit or the rigid pipe in situ for ease of servicing and maintenance.


Easy access to working parts making maintenance quick and easy.

Supplied with a 5 metre power cable.

Complete with comprehensive instructions.

Full 36 month guarantee against any defect or failure.


Available in 8, 15 and 25W 

Evolution Aqua

The new Evolution Aqua evoUV deliver a more efficient and more economical performance than before thanks to their new design.

The new range includes completely redesigned 30 Watt and 55 Watt models, a new 15 Watt and 25 Watt model perfect for use on the smaller garden pond, along with a 75 Watt version.


The top end 75 Watt model is designed for ponds up to 75,000 litres. The highly efficient ballast and high output 75 Watt UV bulb provides a more economical option than a traditional 110 Watt UV due to the greater UV contact time offered by the 1.2 metre bulb – ultimately saving you money!


The evoUV pond clarifiers are manufactured in house by Evolution Aqua, continuing our long tradition for manufacturing exceptional pond filtration equipment right here in the UK.

evoUVs ensure that your pond water will have amazing clarity, by killing the single cell algae that causes green water.



TMC Pro Clear Ultima

TMC Pro Clear Ultima UV Clarifiers are totally weatherproof and the new design improves water shedding. The blue clear ends allow easy checking to see if the tube is working.
Can be fitted to both flexible (38mm & 40mm) and rigid pipework (ask us about the options).

The hosetails can be swivelled to the direction of your pipework and can be horizontal or vertically positioned.

Pond Size:
Ultima 30w: 6000 gallons / 27000 litres
Ultima 55w: 10000 gallons /45000 litres

The design of these new UVs optimises flow rates and improves energy efficiency, with the sole focus to deliver optimum performance at all times to clear green water in ponds which is caused by single celled green algae.


evoUVs will work alongside many different filtration systems and are incredibly easy to install with flexible hose or hard pipe and can be easily fitted within existing pipework runs. 
All evoUV models come with high output UV bulbs powered by energy efficient ballasts, all housed within a fully watertight, robust housing.

Technical Specifications and Instructions
Kockney Koi - Yamitsu

Yamitsu have been producing high quality Algae Masters in Great Britain since 1990. Their unique specification and design ensures a high efficiency unit at an affordable price.

They are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure a longer life and incoroporate turbulators to enhance the unit's performance.


Large inlet and exhaust ports ensure they have the best possible flow rates, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.



They are available as single bars units in 11, 15, 25, 30 and 55 watts, twin bars units in 15 (30 watts), 25 (50 watts), 30 (60 watts) and twin 55 (110 watts), four bars in 55 (220 watt) and six bar in 55 (330 watt).

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