Yamato Nishiki

Yamato Nishiki koi food is a highly nutritious floating koi food made from only natural ingredients.

Yamato Nishiki koi food is a specialist koi food that will provide the best solution to keeping your koi in prize condition.  Yamato Nishiki koi foods contain natural ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives, maintaining the health of your koi.  With Yamato Nishiki koi food a 34% protein content makes it an ideal general food suitable for all but the smallest koi.

The pellets will not break up in the water and generate little waste.

Yamato Nishiki koi food contains Lactoferin, this increased disease resistance and also Hemathococcus, this enhances red colours.  Astaxanthin is also included in Yamato Nishiki koi food, this enhances the white areas.

Yamato Nishiki koi Food Guaranteed analysis:
Crude protein: Min. 34%, Crude fat: Min. 7%, Crude fiber: Max. 3%, Crude ash: Max 10%, Moisture: Max 10% 

Yamato Nishiki koi Food Ingredients:
Fish Meal, Cuttlefish Meal, Wheat Flour, Corn, Bean Oil Cake, Sodium phosphate, vitamins, minerals, and astaxanthin.



Medicarp Koi food is one of the most advanced Koi Foods available. The benefit of feeding Medicarp Koi food will become clear to you within the first 10 days of feeding. With feeding Medicarp Koi food the protective mucus will become even more protective helping to fight against bacterial and parasitic infections. Over longer periods of feeding Medicarp Koi food the colours will become more vibrant and the overall health of your Koi will improve.


Medicarp Koi food contains only natural ingredients. Medicarp Koi food contains Lactoferin and Torua Yeast which helps prevent infection and keeps your Koi strong and healthy. Medicarp Koi food contains a vegetable plankton (Hermathococcus) which gives your Koi very distinctive colours and the white will become very white. Medicarp Koi food is digestible at low temperatures and does not cloud the water. Medicarp Koi food can be fed to Koi in the Winter Months.


Medicarp koi Food was formulated to stimulate the immune system of Koi to fight disease. Medicarp koi Food was developed in Japan by researchers associated with Mie Univeristy in response to virus outbreaks which occurred in the Niigata prefecture. Results were excellent and in the years since, Medicarp koi Food has become a widely respected food among Japanese breeders, collectors and hobbyists.

Medicarp koi Food is a long term, maintenence food.


Medicarp koi Food Guaranteed Analysis: 
Crude protein: Min. 37%, Crude fat: Min. 4%, Crude fiber: Max. 3%, Ash: Max. 10%, Moisture: Max 10%


Medicarp koi Food Ingredients: 
Wheat Flour, Fish meal, Soybean Meal, Squid Meal, Heamthococcus, Torula Yeast, Lactoferrin, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamins and Minerals.


Medicarp Colour Enhancer

Medicarp Colour Enhancer is formulated with the optimum quantity of Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin makes red redder and Vitamin C makes white whiter. Bringing out the vivid natural colours of your fish.

Medicarp Colour Enhancer is made from the highest quality ingredients, all easily digestible by your fish.  This is good for the health of your fish and makes sure that no food is wasted.

Medicarp is enriched with Vitamin C which reduces stress in your fish and protects them from pathogens.

Medicarp keeps its shape in the water for longer, leaving less debris and dust in your water.

Medicarp colour koi Food Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein: Min. 34%, Crude fat: Min. 7%, Crude fiber: Max. 2.1%, Ash: Max. 8.4%, 
Moisture: Max 10%




Fuyufuji All Weather

Fuyufuji All Weather Koi Food has been developed and formulated with a high quality wheat germ which creates high digestibility for koi.


Fuyufuji koi food is one of the most advanced Koi Foods available. The benefit of Fuyufuji koi food will become clear within the first 10 days of feeding. When Fuyufuji koi food is fed over longer periods, the colours of your koi become more vibrant and overall health of your Koi will improve.

Fuyufuji All Weather Koi Food

Fuyufuji all weather koi food can be fed At low temperatures unlike normal koi foods which may lead to a lack of appetite or indigestion but Fuyufuji all weather koi food has been specially fortified so that it can be used at low temperatures and still be highly digestible.  Vitamin C is used in fuyufuji to reduce stress levels and therefore redice the chances of disease.  Fuyufuji koi food also contains a vegetable plankton (Hematococcus) which gives your Koi a very distinctive colour and the white will become whiter. 


Fuyufuji koi food contains Medicarp's premium lactoferrin and Hemathococcus agents to stimulate the immune response and stop disease before it starts.


Fuyufuji koi food Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude Protein: Min 37%, Crude Fat: Min 4%, Crude Fiber: Max. 3%, Ash: Max 11%, Moisture: Max. 10%


Fuyufuji koi food Ingredients: 

Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Soybean meal, Cuttlefish Meal, Hemathococcus, Lactoferrin, natural Astaxanthin, Vitmains and Minerals.


Shori High Growth

Shori High Growth koi Food ingredients have been carefully selected in accordance with dietary studies and JPD technology. Shori High Growth Koi Food is is formulated with high quality fish and plant protein which results in high digestibility, 

Shori High Growth Koi Food is a high protein, low ash food, where the ash is digested slowly due to the high quality fish meal.

Shori High Growth Koi Food contains a combination of astaxanthin and vitamin c helps to maintain the bold red and bright white colouring of the koi, resulting in a perfectly shiny body.Shori High Growth Koi Food has been specially formulated with probiotics which will help to reduce waste in the water and regulate the function of the intestine.

Shori Koi pellets hold their shape well and as a result help to maintain a high water quality.

Analysis:  Protein 45.0% / Fat 8.0% / Fiber 2.5% / Ash 8.5% / Phosphate 1.0% / Calcium 1.5% / Sodium 0.4% / Astaxanthin 16.0 mg/kg


Fuiyama Staple

Fujiyama is composed of all natural ingredients to keeping healthy koi. The all-natural food contains no artificial coloring agents.

Fujiyama is composed of top quality fish meal, especially tasty for Koi.

Fujiyama is easily digestible and the pellets have the right size to easily be eaten by the Koi.

Fujiyama is manufactured in Japan and is a floating pellet type, the koi food retains its shape and the water will not cloud like some in the market place!

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Crude Protein: Min. 35% Crude Fat: Min. 5% Crude Fiber: Max. 3% Ash: Max. 10% Moisture: Max. 10%

Ingredients: Fish meal, tofu, corn, wheat, rice husks, wheat chaff, vitamins, minerals.




Japan Pet Design Company - has a history of more than 100 years in research and development of koi nutrition. These products are specially formulated with all natural ingredients for improved koi health and nutrition.

JPD has developed a line of formulas for promoting healthy koi with natural immune stimulants, colour enhancement, and growth. All natural Koi health food direct from Japan!

Available in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg 

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