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Pond Liners 

Here at Angel Koi & Aquatics we carry and can source a range of Pond Liners to match your needs.  We can supply a wide range of heavy Duty PVC, Butly and Epalyn Liners in pre packed sizes or on a roll. The selection below is simply demonstrative of the range we carry and feel free to call in or contact us for anything specific.

Small pre packed liners can be collected from Angelkoi and Aquatics.  Liners larger than 6.0m x 6.0m and above are available for delivery however due to the weight will incur a delivery charge.  Please contact us for details. 

Liners can be purchased in any size cut to order however these are custom made for you and so delivery is usually 3-5 working days

Heavy Duty PVC Liner

A very popular pond liner as a starter range. This material is suitable for small ornamental ponds. It is very flexible and pliable making it easy to disguise creases. Not ideal for larger installations due to its thickness. Available in pre-packs of pond liner. 

Prices start at £3.60 per square meter.  Available in a wide range of sizes from 2.0m x 2.0m up to 9.0m x 6.0m please contact for custom price


Butyl Pond Liner (1mm)

Butyl liner has been a very popular choice of pond liner for the past 40 years due to exceptional physical properties, flexibility and its ability to accommodate ground movement.

Exceptional physical properties provided by Butyl pond liners

  • Flexible with high puncture resistance

  • Excellent elongation properties

  • Leak-proof qualities offering a highly effective water-tight membrane

  • UV stable and therefore can withstand longer exposure to the sun 

  • Easily repairable

  • Can be readily manipulated around ground contours

Prices start at £8.95 per square meter. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2.0m x 2.0m up to 12.0m x 8.0m please contact for custom price

Epalyn EP 0.75mm & 1mm Liner

Although slightly more flexible than Butyl, Epalyn EP rubber is similar in appearance and has some superior physical properties, such as tear and tensile strength. Epalyn pond liners are very popular in the UK, however some EPDM rubbers cannot be vulcanised together and can only be joined with tape and adhesive glues. Some are are also not very pliable. Epalyn EP rubber can be vulcanised into most shapes and sizes providing a secure watertight joint between sheets.  

Prices start at £7.49 per square meter.  Available in a wide range of sizes from 2.0m x 2.0m up to 12.0m x 8.0m please contact for custom price

Also available in 1mm thickness at £ 7.99 per square meter.


We can supply a variety of geotextile protective underlays to provide a high level of protection to pond or lake liners in a convenient and cost effective way. Pond liner protection carried out with the use of old carpets, cardboard, newspapers and other materials that are not specifically designed for the purpose won't maintain their condition for the same length of time as the pond liner. These make shift products will rot, leaving the protection useless and your pond liner vulnerable to damage long before the end of its guarantee. 

The amount of geotextile protective underlay required to order is dependent on the size of pond liner and whether protection is needed for both beneath and above your pond liner due to the type of substrate included in your design. 


Repair Strips

The self-adhesive repair strip consists of 1.0mm EPDM rubber layer incorporating a polyester textile scrim and a 0.6mm sticky Butyl based adhesive backing. The repair strip can be used to repair small hole and tears in both EPDM and Butyl pond liners. To prevent uplift of the patch a bead of Sealant can be applied around the patch circumference. 

Mastic Tape

Mastic is a 5mm thick double sided sticky butyl tape. Used for minor repairs and for sticking waterfall liners to the main pond liner. Make sure the surfaces are clean and clear from debris, lay flat and peel off the release film, place between two pieces of material and use roller to seal. Not ideal for use under static water.

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