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Bio Security

On visiting Angel Koi & Aquatics please adhere to these basic procedures:


  • Customers must not place hands into any Vats

  • Customers must use sanitised gel provided on entry to angel koi fish houses

  • No customers koi are allowed onto Angel koi & Aquatics premises

  • Any returned goods i.e. Pond pumps, equipment etc must remain off premises until a member of Angel Koi staff is contacted.


As a shipment of koi arrives at Angel Koi & Aquatics it first enters into our separate temperature controlled Bio Secure facility. Records of the shipment, the size, description and individual photographs are taken and kept. The shipment of koi are placed into independently filtered vats. Each vat has its own net, bowl etc, and each vat has its own pipe work to waste.


During the quarantine period the koi are subjected to a series of tests, i.e. skin scrapes, temperature rises to between 19 and 24 degrees and controlled falls to between 4 and 6 degrees. All water parameters are closely monitored.


During the quarantine period the general public have no access to this separate building. Staff upon entry and egress must first step into a sanitised solution and clean hands with sanitised gel. They also clean there hands in the in-house washroom as they move from vat to vat. Staff also don disposable aprons and gloves within Bio Security area.


When the present shipment of koi have finished the appropriate period of quarantine (approx 6 to 8 weeks), they then become available for sale/viewing and are moved to another separate building, which is Angel Koi & Aquatics point of sale. They still receive constant monitoring.


All koi leaving Angel Koi & Aquatics will be double bagged and oxygenated. These display handy hints on acclimatisation ect. of your new purchase.




Angel Koi & Aquatics would also recommend that you acclimatise/quarantine before introducing your fish into its new environment.


Koi acclimatise by adaptation to each new environment they live in. This process cannot complete until established in the owners pond and the stress of transit and new conditions frequently trigger health problems.


  • To protect existing Koi from disease introduced by new fish, quarantine for three months if possible, one month being minimum. During quarantine, a koi from existing stocks as a companion could indicate if any new fish carries disease.


  • Make the transfer of fish from the dealers’ environment into new conditions as gradual as possible by floating the transport bag until the water temperature is identical to the quarantine tank. This period will vary up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Never float fish unattended in excessive heat or direct sunlight.


  • Water parameters in the transit bag alter with the length of journey. This can be checked and adjusted if required by gradually introducing small amounts of tank water into the bag.


  • Before releasing Koi ensure parameters are identical especially temperature and this equally applies when transferring fish to the pond when quarantine is complete.


  • Do not empty the transit water into the tank or pond.

AngelKoi & Aquatics strictly adhere to the Lincolnshire Fish Health Laboratories Biosecurity and Quarantine Protocol for all our Koi stocks. This protocol ensures every possible precaution is taken during quarantine to prevent the sale of Koi that may carry disease.  AngelKoi & Aquatics premises have been independently inspected by Dr PA Reynolds BSc PhD BA Consultant in Fish Medicine of the Lincolnshire Fish Health Laboratories who has approved all onsite practises and methods as compliant with BioSecure protocols.



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