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Aquaforte UltraSieve III

The UltraSieve III pre filter unit is based on the very successful UltraSieve but now with a fully automatic adjustment.


Pond water will flow over the top of the auto-adjustable dam. This dam is connected to the floater so its height is automatically adjusted.


This system on the UltraSieve II will provide that the exact amount of water that is pumped out of the filter will enter the filter on the inlet.


This has a number of big advantages in comparison with other sieve filters:


  • Multiple, or bigger, inlets are possible (standard 2 x 110mm!).

  • The upper edge of the UltraSieve must only be 1 cm above the water level.

  • Reduced cost thanks to the simple floating system.

  • Pump speed up to 4000gph

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