We are proud of our continued high quality customer service; but please don't just take our word for it.  Below are just some of the reviews we have picked up in recent days, weeks and months from our customers on our Facebook Page.  Please visit our page for more 5 star reviews

August 05, 2018

Christopher Willmot

Brian seems a great guy who not only knows his stuff but is keen for his customers to get a good deal too. He could easily have fleeced me as I know so little, but he pointed out qualities that make one specimen better than another and showed us the cheapest fish even though I indicated a willingness to pay more.

Don't be put off by driving through a housing estate. His house and business have been there for decades. The estate is more recent. Just keep driving to the left-most furthest corner. It looks like a private house but there's a passage to the left. Angel Koi is the gem of a place hidden round the back.

May 28, 2018

Karen Younger

Absolutely recommend this place to anyone. The surprise when walking through the back gate to the view we saw......omg! What a fantastic, beautiful and stunning garden you have! We were amazed at the amount of good quality stock available! Hundreds of koi.....kit......food.....plants......ornaments....the list goes on. What i really liked and loved about this business is the personal touch, cup of coffee and a chat before talking business. Made us feel totally at ease! Well done angel koi, we will be back!
Thanks for the coffee Sheila, and thank you for the hospitality Brian xx we purchased 2 koi and some marginal plants......fantastic quality and definitely a cut above the rest! Many thanks and no doubt see you soon!

June 22, 2018

Fraser Anderson

Tremendous koi outlet, koi of all sizes and variety at very reasonable prices. Very good stock of food and all other accessories that you could want. Brian is very knowledgeable and accommodating and helps so much to get the fish that you want. Don’t think I will be going elsewhere from now on, so glad I found this place

August 10, 2018

Helen Thompson

A hidden gem! Lovely, professional, knowledgeable owner more interested in providing good advice than selling a lot of product. Stocks everything you could ever wish for. So refreshing to go somewhere that knows so much about Koi and is so generous with their time and expertise. The fish are stunning.

August 04, 2018

Jonathan Cairns

Visited for the first time today after filling our first koi pond. Got some great advice from Brian after he explained why our current filter setup would not work very well. I got a tour of the whole facility and was very impressed with the quality of the fish and large amount of fish and dry goods on site. To top it off Brian offered a cold drink from the fridge whilst we had a chat in the sun. I'll be making the recommended changes to our setup and will definitely be back soon as a customer!

December 21, 2018

Glenn Rogers

Great advice and great service! couldn't be more helpful, I'll definitely be a returning customer. Brian is knowledgeable, helpful and has an amazing range of quality fish and products.

March 05, 2016

Dr Paul Reynolds (Lincs Fish Health)

Angel Koi & Aquatics adhere to the Lincolnshire Fish Health Laboratories Biosecurity and Quarantine Protocol for all their Koi stocks. This protocol ensures every possible precaution is 
taken during quarantine to prevent the sale of Koi that may carry disease.  Brian's premises have been inspected and all onsite practises and methods are approved.  I am pleased to confirm that Angel Koi & Aquatics supply Koi that are healthy and a safe addition to any pond.

October 21, 2017

Jim Matthison

Been to Angel Koi many times .it's got to be the best supplier of everything you need in regards to keeping Koi in the north east. The garden is out of this world . it's hard to believe it's in the middle of a housing estate in Kibblesworth. Brian and sheila are very hospitable and you nearly always get a coffee if they are not to busy. I Will be back .

October 13, 2017

Jon Maynard

A comprehensive selection of koi for all budgets...an amazing selection of dry goods....loved it.

September 16, 2017

Amanda Graham

Just getting back from Angel Koi & Aquatics, OMG, a little piece of paradise nestled in the middle of Kibblesworth , what a amazing place, I could have sat there all day, stocking every thing you could ever need, I went for a pond pump and came away with one, and a few more things, And what a lovely fella, Thanks for showing us around Brian, no doubt I'll be back, it was a pleasure seeing your lovely place...

September 08, 2017

Marc Swalwell

Excellent place stock and dry goods probably the best in the north east

September 02, 2017

Terry G Mason

wow was paradise when we entered just for a bit crack and advice ended up getting 2 corker koi and a few bits and bobs much cheaper that main shops , cant wait to gan pick them up the moro (see even let me keep them there as was off on a job)

August 31, 2017

Paul Blake

Down to earth guy with easy to understand and helpful advice also never gives you hard sell for expensive equipment just a fair price for gear you need

August 28, 2017

Trevor Green

This bloke is the first person I have found who actually knows what he is talking about. First class service and knowledge and his stock is unbelievable fish are of the highest quality I have come across well done Brian Dunn.

August 27, 2017

Alan Watt

Brian's set up is brilliant,would highly recommend a visit

August 27, 2017

Harry Thompson

I visited Brian at Angel Koi & Aquatics this morning and what else can I say but WOW!! This place is outstanding with undoubtedly the BEST quality Koi stocks we have ever seen, plants, equipment, feed,spares etc. etc. We will definitely be regular customers from now on a 5* service from a 5* establishment. 
Thanks Brian for your time showing us around, your invaluable help and advice and the warm welcome you gave us, it was much appreciated.

August 23, 2017

Helen Davenport

Great place, fantastic fish! 
Service and value... Great offers and very knowledgeable. Thanks for the very friendly welcome Brian. We will definitely be back.

August 18, 2017

Stephen Bolam

Ive had a few problems with my pond recently and have tried to sort it out with peoples advice but things haven't changed decided to go to Angel koi today wish i had gone weeks ago and met Brian this bloke knows his stuff pointed me in the right direction advised me what to buy and do no hard selling or selling me stuff that i didn't need so came away happy and pleased to say i have found my new fish pond and fish stockist i wont be going anywhere else...Thanks Brian

August 18, 2017

Jamie K Hayes

What a place you could charge people just to spend time there. Some of the fish are astonishing

July 08, 2017

Julie Gregg

This was our first visit. Will definitely be returning. Brian has a great sense of humor and he knows all we needed to know about keeping koi. And what's best for your pond. 
He also makes great coffee. Wonderful family make you very welcome.

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