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Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder models remain available in three sizes - the Small PF1-LV (5 litre pellets), Medium PF2-LV (10 litre) , and Large PF3-LV (20 litre) , with the largest model measuring approx 530mm high x 275 dia.


The timer on the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder can be set for “minutes & seconds” (with 1 second being the ultimate minimum), and as a consequence this makes the autofeeder suitable for the smallest of ponds or even quarantine systems. It is believed that this facility makes the Cloverleaf Auto Fish Feeder totally unique in the value for money stakes.


Feeding small amounts at frequent intervals is scientifically known to be the best of techniques for the benefit of both fish & filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display allows just this. Up to 8 feeds a day over any given period are possible, with full control over the exact amount being fed.


The Superfish Automatic Koi Feeder has a capacity of 10 litres, equivalent to approximately 4kg of food, allowing you to feed several times a day. The amount of food released each time can be easily adjusted and controlled. Between 50 and 1400grams of food can be released each day. Features a unique brush mechanism which ensures that food doesn?t get blocked. Suitable for use with pellet foods the Automatic Koi Feeder has a digital pad which allows you to easily set the amount of food to be released and the time it is released. The battery operated feeder is easy to install, safe to use and guaranteed for 2 years. The Automatic Koi Feeder can be placed on the edge of a pond or quarantine tank and the unique brush dispenser will shoot the food into the pond. The feeder will run for up to two months on one set of batteries

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