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Water quality is the most important factor in a Koi pond. Koi and other aquatic life can survive in less than ideal conditions however one thing Koi keepers can do to help their fish thrive instead of survive is to make sure that the minerals and trace elements found in natural ponds are in the water in their koi ponds and water gardens.


In almost all cases, the water used to fill our ponds is deficient in most of the minerals and trace elements needed to allow our Koi to reach their maximum potential. What little minerals you have in your pond water are quickly absorbed by the fish, plants, and even the bacteria that colonise your filters. 


The only way those minerals can be replaced or introduced is through water changes and additives. The highest quality Koi in the world are raised in mud bottom ponds. Even the top koi breeders have to add fresh clay to their ponds to replace the minerals and trace elements 

Angel Koi Natural Clay​

Angel Koi Natural Clay is a type of Montimorillonite clay that used to enrich your koi pond water, benefits include:

  • Deepens & Enriches Koi Colour, White Background & Lustre

  • Aids Fish Health – Removes Poisons / Toxins

  • Acts as a sponge for impurities in water.

  • Improves Water Clarity.

  • Stimulates Appetite

Contains 78 Trace Colloidal Minerals

Re-mineralises water by providing essential minerals and trace elements

3kg Price £19.95

Breeders Secret ​

Breeders Secret™ is a very pure and natural clay product for your pond. Breeders Secret™ contains a wealth of minerals and trace elements, most tap water lacks. This natural clay product enhances the pigment cells of your koi and optimises the quality of their skin like no other product. As the koi absorb the clay minerals from the water, the quality of their slime coat is improved and its protective qualities increased. Minerals and trace elements also contribute to better digestion and support the oxygenation of blood.

Breeders Secret™ neutralises bacterial activity and helps bind suspended fine particles. This results in cleaner, more transparent water. In addition it keeps the pipe work clean and reduces film and clogging due to fine particles in the water.

You can apply Breeders Secret™ daily in small amounts or a few times a week in larger doses. When used daily there is only nominally visible clouding despite the constant addition of valuable clay. When used in higher dosages you may observe clouding of the water for several hours afterward. We then advise you to apply Breeders Secret™ in the evening.

Daily Dosage: 
Apply 2 grams daily for each 220 UK gallons (1000 liter) of pond water. Measure the necessary amount and dissolve in a bucket or watering can of (pond) water. Distribute this evenly about the pond.

Weekly Evening Dosage: 
1 x 12 grams per 220 UK gallons (1000 liter) of (pond) water or 
2 x 6 grams per 220 UK gallons  (1000 liter) or
3 x 4 grams per 220 UK gallons  (1000 liter)

Breeders Secret™ cannot be over applied. Over application will result in nothing more than temporary clouding of the pond water which will disappear naturally within several hour/days.

Breeders Secret™ and Salt.
Breeders Secret™ can be applied in combination with salt up to salinity of 0.03%.

Breeders Secret™ and UV.
The working of Breeders Secret™ is not affected by UV light. Switching off your UV light is not necessary. 

Breeders Secret™ and Medication: 
We do not recommend the usage of Breeders Secret™ in combination with medication in order to avoid any effect of our product on the medication. A large post-treatment dosage of Breeders Secret™ may help clear your pond of any remaining impurities or medication residues.

Breeders Secret™ and Water Temperature: 
Breeders Secret™ can be applied at temperatures between 41 F and 75 F (5°C and 24°C).

Breeders Secret™ is a pure and natural product, safe for man and animals. Avoid breathing dust as it may cause airway irritation. By contact with the eyes, flush with clean water. When swallowed, drink water.

Price 1.9kg - £16.95

Price 5kg -  £39.95

Kusuri Klay ​

A unique high purity Montmorillonite clay.  Remineralises water, improves water clarity, Koi colour & lustre, aids health, stimulates appetite. 

Kusuri Klay now widely used throughout the UK, Europe, USA and the far east, is a beneficial weekly pond additive. A fine white powdered product that when added to any pond environment will release minerals through ion exchange. Using Kusuri Klay weekly in your pond will reap its own rewards as you will see better water clarity usually about 24 hours later, and better colour & lustre on your Koi after a few weeks.

Kusuri Klay also is a positive benefit to health as fish adsorb minerals in large quantities from the water which helps bone & cellular growth. 

Since Kusuri Klay was introduced the use of Montmorillonite clay in ponds has become very popular with pond keepers. 
How to use Kusuri klay into ponds 

Use I level cup (25 grams) as supplied fixed to the inside lid of the container, to every 500 gallons of pond water. Place measured amount into a bucket of pond water and mix into a milky emulsion. Add slowly all around pond. Ensure any powder left in the bottom of the bucket is added. Pond will go milky colour which will clear on average in 6-24 hours. Use weekly all year round. 


Kusuri Klay can be used twice weekly or even a small amount every day, it is a pure mineral.  Product 100% free of any chemicals. 

Refresh ​Powder


Refresh powder is used for improving the white skin and strong colours particularly red and black . 

Refresh is also a superb way of improving the water quality if used on a regular basis. 

Water treated with Refresh actually adds a sparkle and improved clarity to the water. 

Full of minerals and essential vitamins for growth and healthy Koi. 


Add 62.5grams per ton for the initial dosage and then replace pro rata with fresh water being added. 

Ensure that is is mixed thoroughly with water to an emulsion paint type consistency before adding to prevent it 'clumping'. 


Reminex is a blend of natural clays that improve the pond conditions and replace essential minerals in the water .The mineral content of water is vital for healthy fish and heavy or acid rainfall, water purifiers, ultra violet sterilisers and even the passage of time will lower it.


Fish cannot obtain every mineral they need from their diet and have to extract some from the water they live in. Coloration and skin quality can improve with regular use and can also put a sparkle in the pond water.


Reminex can be used directly in the pond or mixed with pond water. A maximum dose level of 300 grams per 1,000 gallons reflects the clouding of Japanese clay ponds and is recommended off-season when not spending time by the pond.


This high dose may intensify skin colour in Koi. To simply boost the mineral level of the pond use 50 grams per 1,000 gallons.To put a sparkle in the water 10-20 grams per 1,000 gallons. For a bath 4 grams per 25 gallons with an airline.


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