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The Oase Proficlear Premium Pond Filtration Modules come in 4 designs which can be used in different combinations to product complete filtrations systems for fish ponds of up to 100,000 Litres (22,000 Gallons). 

Oase Drum Filter

The Oase Proficlear Drum Filter Module is the core of any Proficlear setup and the element that ensures crystal clear water and almost zero maintenance.


There are 2 versions of this module, so it can be used in Pump fed or Gravity Fed systems, it's primary function remains the same.

The dirty pond water enters in to the centre part of the Oase drum filter and then passes through the 60 micro screens which form the outer wall of the drum. The 60 micro screens are so fine that they will catch tiny suspended particles as small as a human hair. Normally a pond filter this fine would block and require continuous cleaning which would be impractical, but not with the Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter Module.

When an internal sensor detects that the flow is being reduced due to the screens blocking. The control system triggers the automatics cleaning process, which jets the screens and wash the debris down the waste pipework. 

Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter Module  Dimensions Length: 600mm x Width: 830mm x Height: 820mm 


  • Lid with safety cut off switch

  • 5.5 bar cleaning pump

  • 210nm ultra reliable motor

  • Direct drive

  • Filter can still be run if the motor fails

  • Bio chamber holds 135 litres of water

  • 50 litres of Hel-X media supplied (max 85 litres)

  • Air curtain for bio section supplied

  • Full 2 year warranty

Oase Moving Bed Module

Hel-X ensures optimum media circulation.  In this module professional Hel-X biomedia ensure an extremely effective decomposition of nutrients and pollutants in the water. With their unusual structure they offer an incomparably large protected settlement surface for microorganisms.

The moving bed process and the innovative bypass technology ensure optimal movement of the biomedia, even at high flow-through rates, as well as for self-cleaning of the dead biomass. The pre installed, aerator bar integrated in the module ensures additional oxygen.

Oase Individual Module

Flexible with maximum effectiveness.  Here the filter system is adapted individually to the pond and the desired use. The module offers extensive connection possibilities for additional system products, such as AquaMax Gravity Eco filter pumps or Bitron Gravity UVC clarifiers. In addition stainless steel baskets with a fill volume of 8 litres are integrated in the flow area; these baskets can be filled with additional filter media, such as active charcoal or zeolite.


Oase Discharge Adapter Pipe

Discharge set ProfiClear Premium pump fed system

With the optional discharge adapter you can operate the ProfiClear Premium in pump-fed setup even without individual chamber.

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