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Anti Bacterial Treatments

Anti-bacterial treatments can lower bacteria levels in the pond however there is no discrimination, all bacteria good and bad can be effected and potentially destroyed.  After any chemical is added to the pond, water quality needs to recover from this kind of disturbance as in most cases pollutant levels can increase. After any pond wide treatment plan additional water quality monitoring. Re-boosting the filter and pond with nitrifying bacteria is also very beneficial.

All chemical treatments need to be handled with caution.  Please ensure that you read, understand and follow the instructions included with each product.

Chloramine T 

Kusuri Chloramine T is a very popular and effective treatment to generally lower bacterial levels in the pond. Kusuri Chloramine T can be effective on white spot, skin flukes and some bacterial gill diseases. Kusuri Chloramine T can be used in the entire pond or as a dip or bath treatment. 


Kusuri Chloramine T is a powdered product an effective broad spectrum chemical for lowering bacteria in ponds.


At higher dose rates Kusuri Chloramine T can be used for skin / gill flukes, white spot, costia etc.

Typical Dosages : 5 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti- bacterial or 15-20 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti parasite treatment (4 doses required).


Use Kusuri Chloramine T above 11.5c (55f)


We only supply A very high laboratory grade product.

250G Bag £ 34.95

Acriflavine 1%

Kusuri Acriflavine 1% medication is a liquid preparation, a general anti-bacterial useful for the Treatment of fungus and external bacterial infections.


Kusuri Acriflavine is also reported to help in the reduction of minor viral infections.  Kusuri Acriflavine is suitable for the treatment of protozoa, fungi, and some viruses. 


Kusuri Acriflavine can be used safely in salted ponds.


Dosage: 10mls to 100 gallons. For use above 11c (55f).

Kusuri Acriflavine is commonly used as an entire pond & bath treatment.  Acriflavine can be also be used as a bath treatment.


Only minor biomass disturbance. Use above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.



Combat is a pond water treatment formula blended from various substances that can lower common water borne pathogens. Most ponds will harbour harmful organisms that can eventfully cause disease to the skin or the gills of fish. If levels are allowed to remain untreated the potential risk of various types of disease both primary and secondary increases.


The standard dose is 10 grams to 1,000 gallons of water and this will lower the potential for any water borne bacteria, parasites or other harmful organisms to reach a level where the fish are at risk.


In cases where pond hygiene has been minimal for some time or the pond water has been allowed to return to the pond after filter maintenance the possibility exists that any pathogens harboured in the filter have been disturbed. This places the fish at a greater risk from water borne organisms and a higher dose of 20 grams per 1,000 gallons is recommended.


£ 6.25

Virkon Aquatic ​

Virkon Aquatic For Effective Control of Aquatic Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts and Moulds 

  • Complete Control-aerial, water system and surface disinfectant including food contact surfaces 

  • Powerful-independently proven effective against all major fish viruses 

  • Effective at low temperatures with proven efficacy against key fish pathogens 


Dosage for pond usage is aprox 1 x 5 gram tablet per 1000 gallons dependent of water hardness 

Directions for Usage as Disinfectant:

Add one Virkon Aquatic Tablet to every 500ml of water to make a 1% solution and allow to completely dissolve. Thoroughly wet all surfaces and equipment with the solution. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse. 1% solutions are stable for 5 days but good disinfectant practice indicates that any residue should be discarded daily. 

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