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Roto Shower Tube with Seive

The Roto™Shower Tube™ can be used as a stand alone filter able to handle pumped solids by the inclusion of the 300 micron sieve insert and 50 litres of Crystal Bio Media  


The Roto™Shower Tube™ is manufactured from Polyethylene which has thermal retentive properties. This is further improved by the inclusion as standard of a high quality well fitted Polyethylene lid, an essential part of any serious Koi Pond Filter, often overlooked by other manufacturers.      


The Roto™Shower Tube™ has a small foot print which makes it an ideal choice where installation space is of a premium.


The biological media chamber holds up to 100 litres of Crystal Bio  and 50 litres on the sieve model, which means there is no loss of filtration performance.


This is compared when choosing a smaller filter with less media just because the filter needs to fit a small space.

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