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Nets and Handling 

Whilst the handling of Koi should where possible be minimised it is essential that you have the ability to examine your fish when the occasion arises.  Regular inspections, scrapes or even treatment will require fish to be handled.  


Handling fish with the right professional equipment minimises the risk of damage/stress.  Here at AngelKoi we  can source/supply nets, inspection bowls, koi handling socks essential to enable you to capture your Koi quickly with the least amount of stress.

Koi Handling Nets

To effectively, safely catch Koi you really need to have a proper koi pond net. They are large in diameter but very shallow in depth. Many people use 24" diameter nets, but you may need larger 36" or even 42" net depending on the size of the Koi being caught. The bigger the net, the easier it is to catch the koi, especially the bigger ones.

Koi nets are usually knotless in manufacturing offering a smooth net surface to minimise the risk of any damage to the koi.  We can provide replacement handles and net heads in most sizes 

Koi Socks

Koi Sock Nets are the safest ways of transferring large or small fish from one place to another. Catching fish can be difficult and stressful, for the fish and you, but by using a Sock Net with its very soft mesh will help eliminate any net damage to fish.  

The Koi is netted head first, if possible, into the koi sock and the net is simply pulled along over the Koi until the Koi is safely inside and then it just a matter of gripping the end of the tube so that the fish does not drop out of the other end, as this end is open, and lifting it clear of the water and taking it to where you wish to place the koi. Then it is a very simple matter of holding the net using the handle over the water to where it is being transferred allowing the open end of the net to hang into the water and releasing your grip, the koi will then gently slide out of the open end.

Koi Inspection Bowls

A good Koi viewing bowl lets you see Koi close up on occasions when a closer look is needed. AngelKoi can supply a range of Blue koi viewing bowls, measuring bowls and Japanese Koi Floating Baskets.


These vivid blue koi bowls are excellent for viewing your Koi! They are also great when you have the need to medicate one Koi or a group of Koi (salt dips/medications) and short distance transporting!

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