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Water Pumps

Here at Angel Koi & Aquatics we carry an extensive range of Pond Pumps for every Pond project.  The selection below is simply demonstrative of the range we carry and feel free to call in or contact us for anything specific.

ea vario pumps 3 sizes, aquaforte o series
aquaforte s series vario, pondtech full range oase cheaper
Oase Aquamax Dry

High-performance pump especially designed for dry installation.  This celebrated range of Oase Aquamax Dry Pumps sit outside your pond and ensure a consistent flow of water to your filtration system, ensuring the best chance at crystal clear waters in your garden.  Characteristics include:


The Aquamax Dry range offers a large capacity pond

pump for ponds that are both big and contain a lot of fish,

such as Koi. Market leaders Oase have developed a range

of external pumps that sit outside of the pond to provide

an excellent performance all year round.


The AquaMax DRY Pumps from Oase can be used in ponds

and even swimming pools to direct water to a filter or

water feature. These 'dry' pumps are much safer for pools

used for swimming as the electrical components are safely

out of the water, and they do not take away any space

inside the water body.


AquaMax pumps must be installed below the water level,

and thanks to the sturdy base unit this is simple and quick

An enhanced motor and impellor make for a smooth, almost silent operation and the best results. Available in four models, with the largest running at up to 15,100 litres per hour,  even the largest ponds are catered for. 


Maintenance is incredibly easy too, access to the pump chamber is easy and quick, and as the pump is external - no wet hands!


You can depend on the excellent quality of Oase products, and to give even greater peace of mind the pump comes with a three year guarantee with the option to extend to five years. 

Key Features:

  • The Dry Pumps must be installed below the water level

  • Very quiet in operation

  • 2 additional stainless steel hose clips for connecting 1 ½" hoses

  • 2 hose connectors for 1", 1 ¼" and 1 ½" hoses

  • Asynchronous motor technology with flow-optimised impeller

  • High performance pump especially designed for dry installation.

  • 3 + 2 year guarantee

  • Cable length is 10 metres












Oase Aquamax Eco Premium

The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium range of pond pumps offers the top quality performance you would expect from such a widely trusted manufacturer, with lower running costs and greater efficiency. The flow rate remains reliable even at very low settings. 


The 12000 and 16000 models have a seasonal

flow control which means that the pump can be

turned down automatically in winter, saving

energy and lowering running costs by up to 30%. 

The greater efficiency is helped by a more

streamlined filter case design.


All models can be electronically adjusted when used

in conjunction with an FM Master 3 Remote Switch

box, and have a supplemental mechanically

adjustable second inlet. This second inlet is used for

running satellite strainers and surface skimmers.


The Eco Premium has a 5 year guarantee (3 years standard, plus a further 2 years upon registration of the product) and offers a unique patented frost protection system to ensure that the pump remains undamaged even at very low temperatures. Oase's Environmental Function Control protects the pump against dry-running and blockages.


It can be used dry (outside of the pond) - with it's quiet running operation it is ideal for swimponds and bathing ponds, and works in temperatures as low as -20 C.


This model boasts 25% lower running costs than previous models, and has very low energy consumption through use of an energy efficient motor.


The Premium models have larger filter intake holes for better filtration, providing displacement of coarse debris particles up to 11mm.


Each model offers flow rates as suggested by the pump name: the 4,000 has a maximum flow rate of 4,000 ltrs per hour, the 8,000 has a maximum flow rate of 8,000 ltrs per hour and so on. The maximum output will vary according to lift (total height above the waterline to which the water is to be pumped) and total distance pumped. 


Key Features:

  • One of the best pumps available

  • Seasonal flow control for the winter

  • New streamlined designed

  • 3 + 2 year guarantee

  • 25% lower running costs

  • Larger intake hole - 11 millimetre particles
















Professional water coarse and filter pump for koi ponds, fish pond and garden ponds. Transports large amounts of water with low electricity consumption. Specially designed blades carry contamination particles up to 8 mm long to the filter with minimal risk of blockages thanks to a specially designed filter housing.


Features latest generation electronic drive- saving up to 75% on energy costs
· High water flow output with very low energy consumption (approx 5w per 1000 litres)
· Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use
· Run dry protection- when there is no water in the pump chamber, the pump stops automatically


Available in 3500, 5000, 8000, 10000, 12000 and 15000 LPH

Technical specifications
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